Italy - March 2016



My sister thought of a brilliant idea for my mom’s Christmas and Birthday gift, a trip to Miami for the 3 of us :)  I wanted to share some pictures and the information on all of the amazing places we went!!! Enjoy!!! 

photo 4-2.JPG

Katsuya HERE!

Hands down the BEST sushi I have ever had in my life!!! I can’t believe they don’t have on in NYC   Hopefully they make one soon!!! It would make a killing here! #justsayin


Great for breakfast!!! We sat outside in the lovely South Beach sun, it was awesome 

Hyde HERE!

Lovvvvvvved the atmosphere!!! We went to Hyde for drinks after Katsuya and how convenient they’re both located in the same hotel  It’s veryyyy spacious so you’re not cramped and bumping shoulders with everyone around you. They have a massive deck with tree’s with white lights and benches and high top tables, so cute!!!

Cleo HERE!

Best Mediterranean Tapas EVERRRRRRR!!! Go there I promise you won’t regret it. BTW my sister told me Ellie Golding was just there for here birthday 2 weeks before us loveeeee it! If it’s cool by Ellie it’s cool by me   And it just opened about a month ago and already they’re kicking ass! You goooooo Cleooooo 

The Ritz-Carlton HERE!

I mean it’s the Ritz, need I say more?! LOL Once you stay here you’ll be soooo spoiled that you won’t want to stay anywhere else, ever again LOL We were treated like royalty, literally. Complimentary vanilla smoothies on the beach, candies in the afternoon, cuban coffee from our new friend Boris  I mean the list goes on and on, I can’t wait to go back 

We found our deal on Priceline and I’m sure you’ve heard of Kayak, if not become friendly with Kayak it’s the only way I travel and I love it


I hope you enjoyed my Miami post and I would love some feedback!!! Tell me where you stayed in Miami and the places you went to eat or party!!!